Advanced ChainPoint in CircuitBuilder

Dawn Code
June 20, 2020

In our ChainPoint in CircuitBuilder post, we covered a pretty basic example of hashing data and storing a stamp of it on the blockchain. It eases new users into the concepts of hashing, proof-of-existence, and verification.

Most processes, especially once we start looking at use in a production level environment, won't be quite so simple. So let's take a look at a more advanced case.

FIND THE ADVANCED CIRCUIT HERE (same notes as last time apply, download CB (GET IT HERE!!!) and open it once to register the protocol)

(and if you are running Windows, be sure that you don't already have CB open. This is a known bug, and we will fix it soon, but we wanted to be able to share circuits with you as soon as we could!!)

This is 2 separate workflows, contained in the same circuit.

The first one (top), labeled "Download-Hash-Anchor", does the following:

  • Downloads the file from a remote server, using HTTP Downloader. This then does 2 things in parallel:
  1. Saves the file locally, which terminates that branch. Once it is done, it's done. In the case of CircuitBuilder, the file will be saved in the "public" folder, relative to the directory the app is running from. This is an electron app, so it will be within the .app directory structure on a macOS and in the installed folder on Windows. On my mac,...Read More
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