ANNOUNCING Coval’s Partnership with ZZZ!!

Dawn Code
August 24, 2020

Hot on the heels of Coval’s recent launch into the Defi space on Uniswap, we have a BIG announcement!

ZZZ has recently announced their ecosystem upgrade, including a fun new twist to yield farming: a multiplier reward system. This announcement introduces their NAP rewards token, which can be earned by staking ZZZ.

As part of their “ZZZ Partnership Extravaganza!”, Coval has been announced as the first partner token that can be farmed for NAP rewards!! It works like this: Provide Liquidity to the ETH/COVAL Pool on Uniswap And then take those new ETH_COVAL_UNI_LP tokens at SO GO ON, GO GET YOU SOME!!! When you are done with your NAP, come on back here and read more about this project.


What is Coval? Check out our website here: or a quick intro video here:


Coval has a fun and storied background, and there are a lot of resources for reading about how it came about and what the point is. I’ll post a bunch of stuff at the bottom of this page.

The vision for the Emblem Vault project, which came out of the baseline Coval sandbox, has been clear and steady from the beginning. Only in the most recent few months have we realized that in our Emblem Vault project we were building decentralized finance, basically. As we researched what Defi was more deeply, we saw so much overlap that we were amazed. 

Our business goals and vision have always been headed in the direction of truly decentralized exchange of digital assets. We have very recently officially launched a reboot of Coval, along with the introduction of a liquidity pool on Uniswap


What is Emblem Vault?

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