Announcing the Release of CircuitBuilder Beta

Dawn Code
June 20, 2020

The Emblem Vault Company, in partnership with UNspecified and Coval, is super excited to announce the immediate availability of our CircuitBuilder Beta. This is a critical milestone in our mission to make blockchain accessible to everyone.

Download the Beta, available for macOS, Windows 10, and Windows 7, at


This initial release introduces the CircuitBuilder to the world. Using CircuitBuilder, you can create “circuits”, workflows that string both blockchain and non-blockchain APIs together to accomplish both simple and complex tasks.

CircuitBuilder Beta offers 4 simple templates to get users accustomed to using the app, and to introduce the kinds of activities that are available.

This initial release includes a limited set of API endpoints, intended to highlight the possibilities! In the coming professional versions of the application, available components will include full sets of APIs from popular blockchain providers, as well as the ability to execute circuits continuously, in the cloud.

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Dawn Code
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