CircuitBuilder CloudRunner Release!!

Dawn Code
June 20, 2020

We are all very happy to announce the release of our CircuitBuilder CloudRunner product!

With CircuitBuilder, users have been able to learn the interface, see what APIs are available, see how to connect components to each other, and see what options are available for logic and output. We were surprised and proud to see the download rate and telegram activity exceed our expectations. The feedback from our user base has been overwhelmingly positive, and has also given us some focus on future features.

The CircuitBuilder app will remain free to download and experiment with, but when users are ready to deploy their circuits for prime time use, this is where CloudRunner steps in!

For the low low price of $10 per month (after a 7 day FREE trial), users will get their own dedicated CircuitBuilder CloudRunner deployment (for the techies, these are Docker containers running in the cloud, so nobody's CB instances can get mixed up). The site is accessible via a custom URL, with a custom username and password, which are provided after subscription signup to the email address used for registration.

With this web interface, what users see looks JUST like CircuitBuilder's interface, except it's in the browser! In the screenshot below, I have imported the BTC alert template.

All of the usual ways to create and interact with circuits remain the same. Templates can be imported, circuits can be created from scratch, and/or can be saved and opened (exported and imported for the CloudRunner). With no app menu, the import/export functionality can be found in the "GET STUFF HERE" menu.

Now, here's the fun part! See that Timer there at the beginning? It is currently set to run very 2 minutes. With the CircuitBuilder Desktop App, this circuit would only run **while the app was open on your desktop**. Now, with CloudRunner, this circuit will run every 2 minutes, even when the browser is...Read More

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Dawn Code
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