CoinGecko in CircuitBuilder

Dawn Code
June 20, 2020

DING DING DING DING DING DING DING! Congrats, CoinGecko, you are the next contestant on The Price is Right!!

In this circuit, we are highlighting a feature requested by some of our users: What if you could be automatically notified when new listings of coins- many coins, on many different exchanges- occur? For us, CoinGecko was a natural place to look for this kind of vast coin and exchange data.

For a little treat, take a look at the CoinGecko listing for Circuits of Value (Coval).

Now, let's take a look at our circuit. This one took me about 10 minutes to build. 5 of those minutes were about making sure I didn't share private information when I shared the circuit.


Find this Circuit here: CoinGecko New Listings Circuit. (Note that for this circuit to open in CircuitBuilder, you need to have CircuitBuilder installed and opened at least once, and you will need to have version 1.0.3 or above).

Let's take a look at how we built this.

First, we dropped a Trigger. This is the way we can manually trigger the circuit to test it while we develop it.

Next, we dropped a CoinGecko Get Status Updates component. This component has 2 drop-down lists in it: Category and Project Type. We chose New Listings as the...Read More

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Dawn Code
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