Emblem as a partner in SmartCLINIC

Dawn Code
June 20, 2020

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Emblem is partnering up with Trilliott and Alfred Williams and Co. to provide RFID-enabled and blockchain documented chain of custody for equipment, test kits and all the hospital furnishings that can be deployed at field hospitals and other ad-hoc, emergency medical set-ups.

Using Trilliott's RFID scanning technology and Alfred Williams and Company's deployment of Durable Medical Equipment (DME) into large hospital systems, we will be backing their asset tracking and management with all of the benefits of the Emblem Blockchain. Very small RFID tags (like stickers) on individual items, such as hospital beds, chairs, monitors, ventilators, and also consumables like COVID-19 test kits, masks, and gloves, can be automatically scanned and then brought together into "kits" to deploy into clinics.

We are using the Emblem Blockchain as the "single source of truth" to securely store and be able to verify every transaction along the supply chain. Taking advantage of the immutability, transparency, and security of storing data on a blockchain, Emblem has designed a blockchain interface that is easy to use, powerful, and flexible and intended to be used for any type of supply chain needs.

The Emblem Blockchain: a Deeper Look

Let's take a look at managing the data that goes into the blockchain. Here is the POC-level interface for defining and managing what type of data you want on the blockchain. In the case below, we are looking at the SmartCLINIC "stream" (a stream can be thought of as a database(-ish, close enough)), and within that stream we see "types": Events, Things, and Locations.

After choosing a Type (let's look at Locations), the site...Read More

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