Emblem Platform Services

Dawn Code
June 20, 2020

The core Emblem Platform Services enable enterprises and creators to layer blockchain and cryptocurrencies into any environment. Who cares? YOU DO. Emblem isn’t just another “crypto project” putting some existing solution on the blockchain awkwardly – Emblem solves the problem of interoperability in such a simple and seamless way that anyone can do it!

These services represent the core architecture for creators to build upon. They also enable us to work with corporate partners to embed Emblem in their environment without friction. Imagine being able to create the “internet of value” (Look! Using buzzwords!) in virtually any application, regardless of your current infrastructure, with just a few API calls.

We are building well beyond just the core services with enterprise and consumer apps to manage your Emblem platform, an SDK to make it simple to build and deploy apps, and other features to make Emblem easy, simple, and fun! Who knew that blockchaining could be fun?!?!

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Dawn Code
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