Keeping up with Covid-19 legislation

Dawn Code
June 20, 2020

Any guesses on what we will recommend here? YOU GUESSED IT! CircuitBuilder!


Let's start with a story. This morning, a colleague of ours sent us a text, asking for simple solutions we could provide for someone he knows who is an employment attorney. She is having to keep up with changes to legislation in her state so that she can properly advise her clients. The problem is that the web site that publishes the current legislation updates multiple times a day, and there are no notifications for when it updates. She wants a notification when it has updated, and ideally, to know what changed.

As software developers, we know that there are a million services and libraries for handling this kind of thing. But what is an attorney to do? In this exact case, call us. (spoiler alert! We had her level 1 solution in place within 20 minutes!)

Let's walk through what we did for her. The first, and simplest solution was to create a circuit to check the site, and then notify someone each time the site had a modification. This looks like a Trigger (or a timer, or both), an HTTP Request, a Modified, and then a Text message (in this case, to me and to her, so I could follow along).

This is the simplest possible case. It took about 3 minutes to configure. And to be fair, it is oversimplified. Want to know what actually happened and how we solved it? Sure, let's dig deeper.

The html in that request actually CHANGES all the time, on just ONE LINE, in a script tag. Investigating, this was not something that changed the content of the page. Curious? This was the line (line 65 in the output from the HTTP Request): The exact changing text looked like this (I used...Read More

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