Mission-R update!

Dawn Code
June 20, 2020

On our web site, we announced that we had joined a partnership with Trilliott and Alfred Williams & Co, called SmartCLINIC. SmartCLINIC was chosen as one of the projects to be supported by Riot, a local IoT-focused group meant to support early stage organizations with an IoT idea.

Mission-R lasted 6 weeks, and here is what happened during those 6 weeks:

  • Together, we all collaborated over defining a set of KPIs that we would use to track our progress against
  • Trilliott and Alfred Williams & Co began and are maintaining conversations with large US-based hospital systems for proof-of-concept or pilot program plans.
  • The Emblem Blockchain testnet was officially deployed.
  • The Trilliott Database of Things system was connected to the Emblem Blockchain to record all transfer events. This connection runs constantly, recording new transfers within 20 seconds of their recording in the Database of Things. Check out an example walkthrough here!
  • Trilliott was able to do a full end-to-end demo of the system with Alfred Williams & Co.
  • RioT reached out to their network, including local hospital systems (WakeMed and Rex/UNC Raleigh) and made warm introductions to the SmartCLINIC team toward working on pilot programs in those systems.

We also have a clear path for moving forward! Here is a summary of our next steps:

  • Now that the system is backed by blockchain for provenance, transfer tracking, and verification and validation of all tracked assets, we will design changes to the Trilliott UI to incorporate these characteristics.
  • We plan to incorporate a way for the Database of Things to regularly check itself against the blockchain, to alert people immediately if some data has been modified.
  • We have plans to do a demo for a hospital...Read More
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