Emblem Vault

An Emblem Vault is a unique token that enables the transfer of entire Multicoin Wallets without the need to convert native assets to Synthetics (wETH, wBTC).

Mass-adoption requires value to transfer between systems serendipitously. An Emblem Vault can contain within it any type of digital asset, be it native blockchain assets (ETH, BTC) layer 2 assets (ERC20, ERC721), or P2P stored digital files (IPFS, DAT)

Vaults are:
Non Fungible Tokens

Vaults contain:
Publicly visible public key(s) and Crypto Currency Addresses

Vaults can be:
Transferred between users (SWAP)Split and Combined to create new aggregate vaults
Transferred between blockchain systems
Burnt / destroyed to claim the contents held within

Vaults work in:
Any Ethereum wallet that can hold collectables
ERC721 compatible marketplaces (Opensea, Others)

Vaults provide the ability to:
Transfer collections of tokens
Make transferable liquidity pools
Swap assets between blockchains without complexity
Hide the contents held within (Privacy)
Create composit tokens that contain different tokens (Portfolio)
Create transferable funds (Crowdfund, Donation, etc)
Make digital files transactable and unique

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