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Simple, powerful, flexible web3 integration and NFT creation platform.

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Create, trade, and sell NFT's today.

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An entire wallet. Inside a token!

And with Emblem Vaults, you can digital create containers to collect, transfer, and sell groups of assets with ease.

Emblem has made it easy for musicians, digital art creators, or anyone to collect or sell their creations as NFT's through Emblem Vaults since 2018.

Are you a creator or publisher? Get started or contact us today at [email protected].

Automated Circuits Across Blockchains.

Emblem CircuitBuilder makes it easy to develop circuits connecting 100's of API endpoints allowing for unlimited creations.

CiruitBuilder also helps you define your trading methodologies no matter how complex.

The New to Supply Chain

Emblem enables you to create new value channels while enhancing and securing the ones you already have.

What people say about us

Using this feature saves us much time and stress. File sharing within one place, using the same integrations in one place, all of this is just awesome

Julia Wagner
Senior Architect, Bauer Xcel Media

Many technology employees were gravitating naturally to Team. So we followed our users to what has become one of our most important tools.

Gladys Edwards
Senior Desginer, Fake Media

As you grow, you get more processes and more people in the value chain. Things start to slow down naturally. Part of trying to keep that startup mentality is remaining fast with communication and delivery, and I think Slack's really, really helped

Devon Pena
Sales Manager, Test Company

Someone new that joins the company tomorrow has access to all of the conversations we’ve had since we’ve been using Team because it’s sitting there in a channel.

Teddy Myres
Marketing Manager, Google

The fact that Team exists and is such an essential tool, it’s really helped us with scaling and still feeling connected to one another across remote offices and remote teams

Jimmy Olsen
Reporter, Daily Planet